Monday, April 28, 2008

the end of the road...

as of today, it was my last day of undergraduate classes at CBU. i can honestly say that some of my favorite memories came from my 4 years at CBU, whether as a freshman on 3D, to being an RA for 2 years and even commuting my last year. not only have i made some amazing lifetime friends, but i've also grown in my walk with God. i've had my up's and down's, but it was and is through these 4 years that God is uses my circumstances for his business of shaping me and molding me into a radically obedient woman of God. so here is a tribute to my 4 years of college life and some of the amazing friends i've made along the way...

3D-lanaya, wendy, brittany, kristy


RA Staff 2005-2006
2B Gone Wild
powderpuff football-Go Crazies!


RA Staff 2006-2007

apt 324-michelle, shannon & janelle
good friends-matt & tina

RD & a best friend-bethany
iora, michelle & janelle

Friday, April 11, 2008

my biggest blessings

with starting a blog...i thought it be only appropriate that i mention and show some of my favorite people, whom i consider to be by far the biggest blessings in my life. from family to friends, these individuals have played a vital role in helping me become who i am today...

the parents

the sister, brother-in-law & nephews

the brother

and now for some good friends...




janelle & michelle

dylan, tommy, kimmy, erica & brodie