Saturday, October 18, 2008

October 17th-19th

So this weekend wasn't anything special...but the fact that I did spent some time with some favorite people of mine makes it worth writing about! Being a teacher and working with women over the age of 40, it's hard to find social time with people my age. Fortunately I've been blessed with an incredible family that support me and some great friends who intentionally make the effort to spend time with me. Most of my weekends are spent at home doing nothing in particular but relaxing after a hard week of teaching. But this weekend has been quite the opposite, for which I am so thankful. This post is dedicated to the people and things that made my weekend quite amazing and fun!

As with every weekend, I get to spend time with my family! And as much as I'm biased, I think they are the absolute best and have been an amazing support system for me. They help me forget my worries and love me for me, even on my cranky days. Simply put-they are my highlight everyday I spend with them!

Knight/Milbrandt Christmas Photo 2007

This next individual is someone who I've known for almost 9 years now and think she is simply great and fantastic! Krystal and I got the privilege to share dinner together on Friday night at Panera (and for us that's rare because we have such different schedules.) But I love the time I get to spend with her, especially when we spend 3 hours talking about the past, the future, about anything and everything!

Krystal & Me at Disneyland this summer :)

This morning I got the honor of sharing some coffee with this next individual. I appreciate the time I get with my friends and count it a blessing when we get to catch up and just hang out. Today Daniel and I got to spend 2 hours together just talking about life (past and present) and even got excited enough to plan a Christmas party for our friends. I'm definitely grateful for him and the friendship we've had over the past 2 1/2 years...

Daniel & I this summer at Alpine

And finally, what is a weekend without football?! :) Those of you who know me, know that I dedicate my Saturday's to watching football, especially USC. They are perhaps the greatest college football team ever and I just love them! I enjoy watching them play and how they show the world what real football is all about. Fight on Trojans!!