Sunday, April 19, 2009

The "Crew"

What an amazingly fun Sunday!!! Today was my day out on the town with my fabulous Live Wire (5th-6th graders) kids. It was an amazing time of just hanging out, being real and simply doing life as we would with any group of friends. I think the neatest thing about this group is that they are so real and honest, but yet so fun and willing to learn and grow. I'm excited to see what happens in our future outings and the growth we have as a group. But here are a few memories of our fun-filled day...

We started with lunch at the always fantastic In-N-Out...

Then off to the bowling alley for some fun...these are my girls, Lindsey, Julia & Ariel

Here are my boys....Dominic & David

A little group pose...

My favorite of the day...the whole "Crew"

And to finish the day gotta have some ice cream!

The question now is...what will our next outing be and where? :)

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