Wednesday, September 10, 2008

teacher update #1

well, it's been a week and a day since i started teaching 4th grade. so let me update you with my kids, the struggles and the blessings of being a 4th grade teacher for the first time...

my kids:
i have 11 students who are incredible. it's interesting to see the different dynamics of the group. from my one super speedy student who finishes like 10 minutes after i assign classwork to my one student who takes 3 days to complete one assignment, with all the others in between. all are great, but some are a little more than what i'd like to handle some days. it's amazing to see that as i've never been a woman of patience, the fact that i love working with kids is still somewhat of an oxymoron. but, i guess that's why God puts that desire in my heart, to teach me the thing i need the most, patience with others as you love them :)

the struggles:
as some of the kids are a little more difficult than others, i struggle with my ability to teach them in a manner in which they understand the assignments. but then i know some are just slow workers, which causes me to become easily frustrated that they aren't where i think they should be academically. again, another area where i see God is using these kids to love them for who they are, their strengths and their weaknesses. the greatest thing God has used from our textbooks to teach me something came from our science reading the other day. reading about how God created us to be curious and to have the desire to help others, while recognizing that everything in creation is unique and an individual, i'm reminded of my that much is true of my students. God created each of those amazing children with their personalities, as different as they are, none being the same, but all the more reason to love them and to love God for making us all different and who He wanted us to be. so as frustrated as i've been, i've been learning the many blessings within those struggles...which lead me to,

the blessings:
i couldn't have asked for a better 1st class to teach. these kids have pure hearts with great intentions of making this year fun for me. they may keep me on my toes, but they sure do keep me laughing everyday. and if you know me at all, i love to laugh and to make others laugh. :) further than my kids, i've had the privilege of working with some of the greatest teachers ever! with their wisdom, guidance, love, care and nurturing qualities, i've been amazed at how God uses the simple things others do for me that make me appreciate them and God everyday. and beyond the kids and teachers, i couldn't asked for a better family or friends, who have supported me these past few weeks. from when i was completely nervous of my 1st day, to being scared of meeting the parents, or even questioning my ability to do this job, i wouldn't be as sane as i am now withouth them. it was especially nice when my family sent flowers, candy and gifts to me on the first day! :) the past few weeks have been great as they love and encourage me with words of affirmation, reminding me that God has blessed me with every ability to do this job and to do it well. and we can't forget all the prayers they said for me too. ;) so thanks to all of you who have encouraged, supported and prayed for me as i journey into this new season of my life...i truly do appreciate it and i don't know if i could say it enough, but thank you for who you are to me and the relationship we have!

so all in all, it's been an interesting 1st week for me, but i wouldn't have traded it for anything. sure it gets rough and to the point of wanting to pull my hair out, but at the end of the day i'm grateful for the opportunity to serve these kids and to ultimately serve my God, in helping these kids become who God wants them to be, while in the process of me becoming who God wants me to be :) funny how God uses me to teach them, but yet he uses those kids everyday to teach me!

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